May 03 2011

Thanks, teachers!

Today is National Teacher Day! We love teachers and want them to know how much we appreciate all the hard work they do for our kids! Feel free to say "Thanks" to your teacher here!

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5/3/2011 1:43:00 PM
Keziah United States
My mom is my teacher and she is the best!  She's always willing to help me when I need it.    

Thanks Mom for all you do!  
5/3/2011 1:47:52 PM
brianna United States
Both my parents are teachers my mom is 2nd grade teacher and my dad is in music. ive only had my dad and he has helped me so much but they both are wonderful teachers and i love them both!
5/3/2011 1:49:42 PM
Parker United States
To my mom, who has been my teacher for the past eight years. Thanks for giving me the best education I'll ever get. I know I'm not always thankful, grateful, or easy to teach. Thanks for sticking with me and chauffeur-ing me all over the place! I love you!
5/3/2011 1:50:00 PM
Emily Chizmark United States
Emily Chizmark
My teacher has really been an inspiration to me. I came to her and she put up with my attitude and has taken a lot of pressure off my mom sense my dad is in Pakistan. She has cleared her plans to teach me without being paid. She has taught me a lot of interesting things that i might not even know about over this year. My teacher's name is Miss Lynn Welch. I love her like she was my own mom!    
5/3/2011 2:26:12 PM
Mindy United States
My 14 year old daughter's History teacher and yearbook advisor is an amazing teacher and human being.  For the past 3 years he has taught, nurtured, acted as a role model and befriended my daughter.  This past month my daughter has stuggled with anxiety attacks and he has been instrumental in helping her just get through one more hour. He has listened to her, helped her with coping stategies and just offered her a quiet space in his room to regroup. I don't know where my daughter would be without Adam Wellington.  He has been a Godsend to her and a blessing to all of his students.  Today I celebrate him!
5/3/2011 2:38:50 PM
Emily United States
Undoubtedly, my favorite teacher was my dad. I had him for the hardest classes I ever took (AP Chemistry, Calculus, and Physics) but I wouldnt have wanted it any other way. He patiently sat with me as I cried over my homework and practice exams. He held me to a high standard but was ready to help when I asked. The best part was seeing him live out at school the values he taught me at home.
5/3/2011 2:51:05 PM
Sammy Cathey United States
Sammy Cathey
I want to say thanks to all my old teachers at Hulstrom Options in Colorado. They made each school day something to look foward too, and everything fun to learn. Especially Mrs.Pearson, who won Colorado teacher of the Year for 2010; she deserved it!
I also want to thank my mom for homeschooling me this year, you did a great job!

5/3/2011 3:30:17 PM
alexxis United States
I'm homeschooled so my teacher is my mom. She is the best teacher I could ever have. We use a bible based curriculum and by using that i could be in high school ( i'm only in middle school).
5/3/2011 5:00:31 PM
Hannah United States
Thank you to all my fellow Wisconsin educators that
Continue to push on and do your best while being persecuted!!! We know we do a good job, and most often it's for the children! I pray for all the teachers that are being let go that they find comfort that God is our provider! Thank you to all educators!
5/4/2011 5:20:29 AM
Ashley Yelovich United States
Ashley Yelovich
I have a teacher that is super awesome and her name is Mrs.Vampola. I want to thank her for teaching me so many great things in 3rd grade so far.

I also have a past teacher from 2nd grade and her name is Mrs.Brooke. She was/is a SUPER teacher and I will never forget her.

So in all I would like to thank, Mrs.Vampola, Mrs.Brooke,and all my other past teachers for being such AWESOME teachers!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

**This was 100% written by Ashley Y, age 8, Papillion, NE.  Her teachers have all been amazing so far!!**
5/4/2011 5:26:41 AM
Jacob Yelovich United States
Jacob Yelovich
Miss Anderson is a first year teacher in Papillion, NE for kindergarten.  Jake Y. says "She teaches us lots of stuff. We have lots of fun and she reads good stories."
Thank you Miss Anderson!!
5/9/2011 9:04:45 AM
Dana United States
My mother is my teacher. I'm homeschooled with my 2 sisters and 1 brother. My oldest sister is going off to college soon. Anyway, I just wanted to say, Mom your the best teacher in the world. Thanks for all you do. And Dad, thanks for being the principle. Love you guys!
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